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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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4 am.oom a few hours ago. news tell you mayor ed lee a.ed at zuckerberg general hospital surrounded by his family around 1:11 this morning. right now, london breed, takes over as acting mayor of the city. good morning, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. of course we'll continue. we have the crews at san francisco general, pete suratos is there trying to gather more information. not a lot was said as london breed came out to make the announcement, but there was a large crowd there. >> reporter: yes, laura, a very large crowd there. behind her, she was joined by her fellow or members of the board of supervisors. i believe i saw aaron next to her. a number of people here dealing with this tragedy with the passing of mayor ed lee.
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they said he passed away at 1:11 a.m. at zuckerberg general hospital. they have not told us the cause of his death at the time. here is acting mayor london breed speaking on his behalf. >> it is with profound sadness that icon firm mayor edwin m. lee passed away early this morning, tuesday december 12th, at 1:11 a.m. at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. family, friends and colleagues were by his side. the 43rd mayor of san francisco was 65 years old. our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, anita, his daughters tania and brianna and his entire family. in accordance with the city charter, i assume the role as mayor of the city and county of
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san francisco effective immediately. i want to thank the incredible staff at zuckerberg general for their care and professionalism. >> reporter: there you have current acting mayor of san francisco london breed extending her condolences, explaining her new role as the acting mayor. mayor lee is survived by his wife, anita and his daughters, brianna and tania. we are going to talk about it more throughout the morning. the impact on the city. the first asian-american city of the mayor. the 43rd mayor of san francisco re-elected twice after being appointed in 2011 after gavin newsome took on the role. there will be an availability. we don't know if we are going to get details on the cause of
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death. that update will take place at 10:00 a.m. at city hall. a very emotional time. a number of elected officials, san francisco elected officials holding back tears here dur thag news conference. we are hoping to get more information regarding this cause of death for mayor ed lee. the next meeting will take place at 10:00 a.m. >> i know you were out there live and it had a somber tone, understandably, they didn't say much else to you, right? they just kind of huddled afterward? >> reporter: yes. yes. they came out here, i would say maybe 3:30ish when we broke into the newscast. they came out here huddled. a number of elected officials. they sent a statement e-mailed to the media saying mayor ed lee passed away at 1:11 a.m. and
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left it at that. there was a spokesperson that i tried to get details from. obviously, it's a tough time, an emotional time. i asked, do we know the cause at this time? she did not want to elaborate on that. i don't know if there's indication they will elaborate when we get the next media av l availability. clearly an emotional time for them. unexpected death here with such a prominent individual here in san francisco and across the bay area. you can say across the country. again, not much detail. just what we saw in that statement saying he passed away. >> yeah, very surprising. even on social media, people, their comments are they are shocked, so sad, he was only 65 years old. thank you very much. we are going to keep him out there to gather additional information. >> we want to bring in scott mcgrew. a little background on him, the
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s rst asian-american mayor of san francisco. >> he was never expected to be cre than one term, in fact. as we look at how lee got to the mayor's office, he was appointed after gavin newsome left city hall to become lieutenant governor. lee said at the time, he would editedrun for re-election. it was that promise that got the other supervisors to vote for him. they pushed him to seek the mayor's office, pack who died in thcember, 2016 was a key influencer in the chinese community. she paved the way, the path for lee into the mayor's office. lee became san francisco's 43rd mayor in january of 2011, appointed, not elected. then almost immediately, tion in for him to stay in the mayor's office, despite the promise he wouldn't.
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there was a lot of pressure from various businesses, the san francisco giants put together a music video to push him into it. >> charactertures of him? >> too legit to quit, they would say. a wonderful moment. he won the election in 2011, then ran in 2015 to win that second or third term, depending on how you are counting. - alremember guys for many things, but one is drawing tech mays into the city and keeping sco arhere. reak ez desidents into san francisco. be knung people may not realize ahe tech offices in san francisco are relatively new. it was the twitter tax break, something ed lee created and changed san francisco forever. we went from a dot com city to this. >> it's an interesting point. come to know that's how it is. but it wasn't.
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silicon valley was the heart. >> san francisco was a quiet town and somewhat affordable. >> right. >> that changed in the last couple years. if you are new here, that is a change. >> i saw him speak at an executive luncheon in san jose. he was speaking of that, just bringing more companies into the area. >> goodness, it was a lot of, you know, money that was bringing in, the tax revenue to the city, cutting the tax breaks and changing the city. >> market street at the end was empty. >> it was, completely. rev revitalized that area. he was really a man. very surprising. mayor ed lee of san francisco has died at the age of 65, if you are joining us. we want on air early this morning. we got up early to bring you this breaking news coverage as well as mike and kari. they are bringing the forecast and morning commute. another full start for the morning. >> grab an extra layer as you
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head out the door. another morning with cold temperatures. as we get a live look outside in san francisco, all clear. look at the temperatures, now 43 degrees there. 31 in santa rosa. we are, again, below freezing. we have had many of these mornings, recently. 33 in morgan hill. most of us feeling temperatures about the same as we have had recently. a live look outside in san jose. we will be warming up nicely into the santa teresa for the temperature trend of upper 60s by 2:00. another look at the temperature trends coming up. mike, you have an update for bart? >> i do. over here, bart actually as i was leaving my desk. instead of ten minutes, 20 minute delays. both, as i understand are recovering. they had a little bit of a late pick up of equipment on the tracks. that should be getting back on service and trains starting on
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time from now. that should be better news. no other agencies reporting problems. the roadways, this sig-alert called by chp. approaching 242, in concord. a van and suv got into a crash. no major slowing. of course, state road where we have them monitor the area, highway 13 moves smoothly. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. >> we want to remember san francisco mayor ed lee, dying at the age of 65. he was pronounced dead at zuckerberg san francisco hospital at 1:11 this morning. we will continue to update this story as we move along with "today in the bay" this morning, after the break. the time right now, 4:39. san francisco mayor ed lee has
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died overnight unexpectedly. breaking news to tell you about this morning here on "today in the bay." san francisco mayor, ed lee, dies overnight, unexpectedly. he was pronounced dead at zuckerberg san francisco hospital at 1:11 this morning. we can tell you, board of supervisors president, london breed will take over as acting mayor effectively. she announced that this morning at a brief press conference. >> we are getting reaction this morning. so many people are shocked. this is just in from representative congressman eric
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swallow tweeting about mayor ed lee's death. rest in peace, wishing family peace as they grieve. we will miss ed dearly. he was a friend to all and devoted servant. #san francisco needed during a transitional time. we are following more breaking news. another big story with an overnight fire in oakland hills. the fire started before midnight on snake road. this is a mile from montclair elementary school. some of the video you are seeing here, scary moments for a lot of people in that area. neighbors telling us this started at a home under construction and the fire spread to neighboring homes before it was contained. a dozen residents were briefly sent to an evacuation center. most of the residents have been allowed back home. the massive strike that started tuesday by oakland city workers has been suspended.
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the two sides met with a mediator. that doesn't mean the problems are over. there's no contract agreement. they are looking for higher raises. they say there's no money for that. the strike could continue at a later date. head start programs open their doors again this morning. coming up on "today in the bay," a look at what's going on outside as you walk out. meteorologist, kari hall has been tracking it all. >> a live look outside, all clear. chilly temperatures as we go to fremont for the temperature trend for the day. 41 degrees at 8:00. a very cold start and quickly warming up. before you know it, mid-60s. much like yesterday. let's talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week, coming up next. i'm tracking this crash in concord. what's going on for 680, 242 and the fire crew that's on scene. we'll continue to follow any developments as we remember san francisco mayor, ed lee, who
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died, unexpectedly at the age of 65. stay with us. a lot more news to come. it is 4:44. san francisco mayor ed lee has
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died overnight unexpectedly. 4:47. breaking news out of san francisco. mayor ed lee died overnight,
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unexpectedly. we are just getting word from former mayor, willie brown that says mayor ed lee died from a heart attack. of course this is shocking news that came out as we all found out about this early this morning. we died, was pronounced dead at zuckerberg san francisco hospital at 1:11. there will be a press conference scheduled for 10:00. london breed is now the acting president effective immediately. >> we are hoping to speak to the former mayor of san francisco, willie brown momentarily as he did give us word that mayor ed lee died of a heart attack overnight. that is just news into the news room right now. very young, at the age of 65. we'll continue to gather more information on this as the morning progresses this morning. tragic news, surprising to us. we were brought on early to give you information.
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we have crews at the hospital covering it. very, very sad news. our thoughts go out to the family. he's got two young daughters. his wife, we understand, was at his side. very sad news. he leaves a legacy behind. as we switch gears, we want to look at the weather. >> very cold morning, once again. we have had really chilly temperatures recently, but then it warms up quite a bit. then we talk about near record high temperatures. it looks like we may be setting records in santa rosa, napa, concord. livermore will be below the record high temperature and san jose as well. recently, we set record highs with some of the temperatures we have been feeling. you will be able to check it out at the bottom of the screen, the seven day forecast. what we are expecting the next few days. check out santa rosa. we dropped down to 29 degrees. most likely, it will drop a couple degrees as the sunrises
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this morning. really cold out there with calm winds and then look at how warm it will be later on today. sometimes, really dry air can do that as we have seen very low humidity. you are having to put on extra moisturizer and just try to keep the eye drops somewhere close by. 67. we are going to be up to 67 degrees in cupertino and 69 degrees in danville with very warm temperatures later today. half-moon bay reaching the mid-70s. the north pay today, expect a high of 65 degrees in sonoma. a live look outside in getting ready this morning. you will need extra layers starting out with a hat. a coat would be a good idea. later on today, you can break out the short sleeves and be comfortable with jeans on as well. a day of wide ranging temperatures. high pressure stays with us for several days, then here we go into next week, when we finally
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see this pattern changes. that could bring us rain. that does not happen until next wednesday and thursday. i'll be tracking all those changes for you. mike, you were saying there's a lot of grass on the freeway? >> a van and suv from what chp reads, a crash in concord. light, easy drive, 4:51. a light flow of traffic. look over here, whatever commute there is right now, north 680 at the 242 split, reports of glass across the middle lanes. there's fire crews on scene. as i understand it, they swept much of that glass off the roadway. still a lot of activity, not a lot of snowing on the sensors. concord toward highway 4 and 242. meanwhile, in a similar area in the east bay, over montclair, we are watching snake road where they had the overnight fire. no effects to highway 13 or 24. that slowing as crews move
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through the area. avoid that area, if you can. that continues off skyline and shepherds canyon. a smooth drive to the bay bridge. the toll plaza has the cash lanes to the right, just starting to build until a few minutes ago, almost no back up there. it's really light, especially for a tuesday. we are watching that volume build. back to you. bleak for firefighters with the massive fire, the thomas fire is threatening thousands of homes. this morning, that fire is 20% contained. the front end ov of the fire is pushing into santa barbara. they remain evacuated. now, talking about the fifth largest fire on record. it burned more than 230,000 acres or to give you perspective, 362 square miles. firefighters count 683 homes destroyed. the suspect in the attempted terror attack in new york city
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in the hospital as investigators try to piece together the moments that led up to the attack. authorities say 27-year-old detonated the explosive device under ground. investigators say he is an immigrant from bangladesh and he committed the attack in the name of isis. he suffered serious burns. several others suffered minor injuries. his pipe bomb did not have the desired effect and could have been worse. we are going to break. before we do, we warrant to remind you, san francisco mayor ed lee died after zuckerberg general hospital at the age of 65. just getting word ed lee died from a heart attack. we will have more on this story after the break. ♪ this little home of mine,
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welcome back to "today in the bay." early on this tuesday morning. -- willie brown tells us mayor ed lee died of a heart attack. >> shocking news after his busy day on twitter tweeting about this. he passed away at 1:11 this morning at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. there will be a press conference to give more details about what happened. that's going to take place at city hall this morning at 10:00. mayor lee leaves behind a wife and two daughters. >> we saw several supervisors gather outside san francisco general hospital this morning. they had a news conference.
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we brought it to you live here on "today in the bay." of course, a very come ber mood out there and a lot of reaction coming out on social media this morning. moments ago, on facebook, i notice that the san francisco public defender posted just came back from sfgh, san francisco general hospital. sad to learn of the passing of ed lee. condolences to anita and his daughters. jeff is there at the hospital this morning. we got word that mayor ed lee passed. very young, at the age of 65 years old. >> absolutely. another story we are looking at this morning, investigators are looking into whether a man arrested for a 37-year-old murder cold case has more victims. 63-year-old mitchell lynn is responsible for the 1980 disappearance and killing of 14-year-old susan lombardi. he was taken into custody
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outside of his home a few miles away from where she was last seen. the neighbors say he moved in about a year ago. police say he has a history of violence and convictions and sexual assault cases. better technology helped connection dna evidence. neighbors are stunned to hear this news. >> sick. a sick person. so close. >> i just remember seeing the picture when i was young. it's a good thing that they find justice. >> police say that he is known to the family and was a suspect in the case. antioch pd is working with other law enforcement agencies to see if he is connected to other crimes. 4:58, coming up, we follow the untimely death of san francisco mayor ed lee. died at the age of 65. more just ahead. joining us.
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i )m laura garcia. good morning. it's 5:00. thank you for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we came on early this morning with a story we have been covering


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